Why Create Conditional Agreements?
The Hedgey Protocol was built for a very specific reason. Right now, DAOs, token teams, and large holders have over $40b in tokens and USDC treasury sitting idle in vaults, unlocked and collecting dust.
Conditional agreements are simple and effective contracts that allow you to deploy idle tokens (or USDC) and generate yield today, while also creating strategies for managing risk and exposure to downside.
These same people have almost no access to key financial tools. Want to sell your tokens without scaring the market? Sorry. Want to reward contributors without dumping the market? Sorry. Want to pull in investors on future rounds without discounting your price? Sorry. Want to generate USDC yield with your native token? Sorry. (You get the picture)
There are HUNDREDS of unique financial needs that holders face every day. Conditional Agreements are flexible, simple contracts that let you do almost anything with your money.
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