Step 2b: Create your Put Option on Hedgey
Step #1: Go to and connect your metamask.
Step #2: Select the network and pair for your Put Option. If you need help creating a new market, click here.
Step #3: Click the RED arrow and select "I think it is going Down" (You do not actually need to think this.)
Step #4 Locate and select "Sell" and "PUT"
Step #5 Click the "Write New Ask" button.
Step #6 Use the form to fill out your details.
  • Step #6a Enter the amount of tokens you are willing to buy (in the condition that the price decreases to a low enough number)
  • Step #6b Enter the price you would be willing to buy them for each
  • Step #6c Enter the date you want this agreement to expire on.
  • Step #6d Enter how much USDC you wan to be paid. (For help selecting a price watch this video)
  • Step 6e Read the note on how Much USDC you will be locking.
Step #7 Click APPROVE USDC button (This is not a final confirmation)
Step #8 Click CONFIRM NEW ASK button.
That's it! You're order is made. To find out what's next, click the box below.
Make your agreement now using our UI on
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