Gnosis Safe Special Instructions
If you are planning to use a multi-signature wallet such as Gnosis Safe, here are the special instructions to help guide you through using Hedgey's Functions
Gnosis Safe is a great tool for DAO and Project Teams that have multiple members managing capital for the treasury and using a multi-signature contract account. You can still interact with Hedgey directly from Gnosis in a few simple steps (they make it really easy).
  1. 1.
    One person will need to take lead in creating the transaction on behalf of the group
  2. 2.
    All others will sign the transaction (assuming details are correct per what was agreed upon)
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    The last individual to sign the transaction will also pay the gas fees, just a heads up!

Creating a conditional agreement (Ask for either Calls or Puts)

First, when logged into your Gnosis Safe, create a new transaction on the far left.
Click the Contract interaction button!
Next you'll have to input the exact address for your token. Each pair is unique so we made a little helper to pick the right currency here.
Get Pair Contract Addresses
Then input the ABI (which can be copied from the github) and copy this into the ABI section. This ABI can be used for either calls or puts (also can copy the code from the section in the docs)
Third - click on 'newAsk' under the method dropdown. This is the method to generate a new ask- ie selling a call or selling a put. These should all look something like this;
When creating a new ask, there are a few nuances (and if you're confused please join our discord / telegram and we will happily walk you through these steps as they can be quite confusing). This example is for selling a call option. Assuming that the asset currency is your token, you should input 0 for the ether value. - The _assetAmt is how many tokens you would like to sell (or for puts the amount to buy) - The _strike is the price at which you are willing to sell your tokens (or for puts, buy the token) - The _price is the premium price which you are asking for a buyer to pay to you for the agreement - The expiry is the second in UTC when the agreement expires. Please note that for consolidation of orders the standard is to use a Saturday 00:00:00 UTC time (for which the hedgey app will display the orders)
After this has been filled out, click Review and Submit. From here the transaction will be pending the signature verification from the remainder of your wallet owners, and upon the last confirmation the transaction will be submitted to the Hedgey Protocol.