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Decentralized call and put options

Options are derivatives based on the value of the underlying token asset. They are financial instruments used to speculate on the rise or fall of an asset's price. Options offer numerous benefits to investors:

  • They are a perfect tool for speculators: options offer a low-cost way to go long or short on the market with a limited downside risk

  • They offer leverage: options can deliver higher percentage returns. Think a token is making a jump? Use call options to get more upside than buying tokens outright.

  • They let you jump on a moonshot, worry-free: call options offer all the upside potential without the downside risk

  • They can protect you from the dip: buying puts lets you protect your heavy positions if the price falls. Puts go up when prices go down.

  • They can remove impermanent loss: buyings call options on a project lets you provide liquidity AND catch the upside if a coin moons — all without having to buy more tokens.

There are two types of options: calls and puts.

Initial Options Offering (IOO)

Initial Options Offering (IOO) is a funding concept brought to you by Hedgey to bring unique and risk-managed benefits to both projects and their investors.

Options Based Liquidity Program (OBLP)

Options Based Liquidity Programs (OBLPs) is a new type of Liquidity Program (LP) that counters the downside of traditional LP programs and further builds utility for Hedgey