Rolling / Returning Puts
Once a put has expired (now > expiration date) the Short may return or roll the Put
After expiration has passed and the put has not been exercised, it is "expired", and can no longer be sold, exercised or traded. The put long has no choices for what can be done with the put, it is worthless to them. The Short position, however, still has their cash held in escrow. As such, the short can choose to return the total purchase held back to them, or they can roll the put forward and resell another option.
Returning a put is simply just an input, and the smart contract checks to make sure it is truly expired and then returns the cash in escrow back to the put short. Method is returnExpired
If the put short would like to resell their tokens for another put, they may roll the put, picking a forward date in time. The short may also change any parameters about the put they would like (as it closes out their old put and creates a new ask). If the token amount or strike changes, then any differences in the new total purchase amount will be pulled into the contract into escrow or sent back to them as a refund. The method is rollExpired.
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