Hedgey Factory Contracts
The Factory Contracts provide an easy way to generate new pairs for Calls and Puts. Each Pair is defined by their asset currency (address) and the payment currency (address). Calls and Puts are separate pairs, and so there are at least two factory contracts per network. When deploying a new pair, one would call the calls factory and the puts factory methods separately to generate two contracts for the same pair (one Calls contract and one Puts contract).
For both factories, the method to create a new pair is a simple function createContract(address asset, address paymentCurrency).
One can also lookup a deployed pair contract address using the function getPair(address asset, address paymentCurrency)
The Mainnet factories have been deployed at address: Calls Factory: 0x5e4a4d5336b5ba4d577ccefd3cb3c4c17af48f49 Puts Factory: 0xdf4d52020e69eb873a879a59c424d1c4cb8516d0
Polygon Calls Factory: 0x03740220D70ef6E07A40b3E028fF9A13cA4Ae78f Puts Factory: 0x72b6b313587c67985975c7b5fdc577b93a94188b
Binance Smart Chain Calls Factory: 0x6a7aee31e5db911a03d11e89213d4c4dacc5c869 Puts Factory: 0xbc832a7fef67c71d35773ca16a8a8ec660d49648
Fantom Network Calls Factory: 0xf97871d9777734c8a71e1ea4a92d2e90c1ee7fb2 Puts Factory: 0xa128206f8c3c71fde53f4a306e415d768943d257
xDAI Network Calls Factory: 0xa128206F8c3C71FDE53F4A306e415d768943d257 Puts Factory: 0xbc832a7Fef67c71d35773Ca16a8A8Ec660d49648
Avalanche Network Calls Factory: 0x2065147f157F3523c174a4A97d4c3E7a2cC20f2C Puts Factory: 0x1c87C36e63026A0BeA669858D7F345985198531A
Kovan TestNet Calls Factory: 0xC51804Bd8041d627D212813Fb37C4841a7EB8c8B Puts Factory: 0x071700115C6cee1D7E57014d4cFC43087527aC25
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