Our Culture
To create access to the tools that a decentralized world will need to build and prosper. Everything we build has a focus on the needs of people, communities, and organizations first.
Why we exist
In the last two years, the concepts of a decentralized world have grown exponentially. Global communities are being formed, access to finance is being democratized, and the way we connect is evolving at the speed of light. As the world moves forward, it will require the technologies it builds upon to do the same.
Our Culture
We are building a culture of rapid innovation, complete ownership at every level, passion as a foundational driver, and building to create 100x improvements of the status quo.
Core values
We are a people-first company
We believe in ownership at every level
Hard work is valued, acknowledged, and rewarded
Collaboration is how we build beyond our blindspots
Always build with our users
Keep it simple, make it awesome
If you disagree, be loud
100x the status quo
Move with intensity and urgency in everything
Do what has not been done
Kill your darlings
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