Welcome to Hedgey

Hedgey is a novel decentralized options protocol that lets anyone create and participate in authentic options markets for any token on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom and xDai. Using Hedgey, anyone can write and trade options on any cryptocurrency or decentralized asset.

Hedgey's goal is to let everyone have access to the power of options as they exist in centralized marketplaces without the dependency on banks and brokers. Hedgey is universal access to the future of financial markets.

In an industry first, Hedgey creates exercisable, transferable, time-expiring, fully-collateralized call and put options without the need of liquidity pools on multiple networks.

What is Hedgey?

Hedgey lets you write and trade options on any cryptocurrency or decentralized asset. This means you can go short or long on any cryptocurrency on multiple networks. It is the single most powerful decentralized derivatives protocol.

Hedgey brings the same approach to options markets that traditional markets have used for decades, only without a dependency on banks or brokers. Hedgey acts as an aggregated decentralized P2P marketplace where anyone can create markets, write options, buy options, sell options, and exercise options.

The Hedgey smart contracts lock assets when orders are written, and automatically transfer funds when orders are purchased or exercised.

Hedgey enables retail investors, decentralized hedge funds, and token teams to participate in decentralized options through two core components:

Hedgey is the first true DeFi options marketplace that lets anyone write and trade options without a dependency on inflexible liquidity pools. Additionally, Hedgey enables capital-light trading of options. Anyone can write calls and puts for assets with existing Automated Market Maker pools (AMMs) for optional cash-closing ability using flash swaps.

Understanding Hedgey

If you would like to learn more about the concepts behind Hedgey's decentralized options contracts, start by reading this overview of the Hedgey ecosystem.

For Developers

If you are a developer interested in building on the Hedgey protocol, view THIS EXPLAINER on how decentralized options work. While Hedgey is developing its SDKs for developers, we want to hear from you!

Contact us at [email protected] to share your thoughts and to help you build on Hedgey.

For PAR Tokenholders (the native token of Hedgey)

To learn more about the PAR token and how it is involved with the Hedgey Protocol click here.

Contact and Community

If you have questions or want to connect with the Hedgey community, check out our community page, and join our Telegram to get involved in conversations on Hedgey.

  • Telegram: jump in to ask questions, meet other Hedgey's, and talk decentralized crypto options

  • Twitter: official Hedgey protocol announcements and information.

  • Hedgey Traders: discuss the best option strategies and trade decentralized options with fellow traders

If you need to contact us you can at: [email protected]