Welcome to Hedgey
Hedgey was built to unlock access new revenue for token holders through conditional agreement markets. To do this, we take traditional financial tools and repackage them for DeFi.
On the surface, Hedgey empowers DAOs, token teams, VCs, and traders to engage in new financial markets. We specifically focus on giving users tools to generate revenue and unlock the $40b plus in tokens that sit idle in todays DeFi ecosystem due to a of a lack of access to traditional financial instruments. We do this using something we call Conditional Agreements. Read more about them here.
Under the hood, Hedgey is a novel decentralized protocol that takes traditional finance options and repackages them specifically for DeFi needs. Specifically, we deploy Call Options and Put Options (Conditional Agreements) in specialized packages focused on generating revenue, deploying native tokens for upfront USDC yield, and a variety of other strategies based on your specific needs. If you're curious about what's under the hood, check it out here. If you want to explore and create your own conditional agreement, get started here.


The Hedgey protocol is open-source for anyone to build options trading applications on top of. To help users interact with the protocol today, we've launched app.hedgey.finance.
While it does not tailor for the user experience of everyone, it does allow you to do create and publish every possible conditional agreement. To read more on the types of agreements and how to publish your own, start here.


The Github repo for Hedgey contracts can be found here.
The Certik Audit of Hedgey can be found here.

Contact and Community

If you have questions or want to connect with the Hedgey community, check out our community page, and join our Telegram to get involved in conversations on Hedgey.
  • Discord: Our recently launched Discord for teams, DAOs, and passionate builders in DeFi
  • Twitter: official Hedgey protocol announcements and information.
  • Hedgey Traders: discuss the best option strategies and trade decentralized options with fellow traders
If you need to contact us you can at: [email protected]
If you are a DAO, TEAM, or INSTITUTION looking to integrate Hedgey and would like to set up a call. Please book on our Calendly here.
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